Hospitality and Culinary Arts Internship Program Application 2017
In order to get a better view of your profile and your skills, please submit this questionnaire. Once submitted, our team will review your application and contact you by email to set up an interview.
Are you enrolled in a hospitality-related or culinary program? Name your school and degree

Which are important factors in your decision to come to Spain?

What would be the ideal internship for you and what would not be acceptable for you?

What do you have to offer and why should a property host you as their intern?

Please list sectors, department or tasks that you would like to perform during your program

Would you prefer to be located in a big city, a small town or the countryside?  Our participating host institutions are located all over the country. 

Requested Internships. Please, take a look at the internships that we currently have available on our website at

Please list in order of preference the names of those properties



When would you like to start and for how long (minimum 2 months)? 

Start date: dd/mm/yy

A study visa is required for students who participate in long-term programs that are more than 90 days 
You are halfway there, only few more personal details to go!

What is your first and last name?


Date of birth:      

Address and telephone


ID Skype

Passport Number

Mother tongue

For languages other than mother tongue, indicate the level of your knowledge.

A- Professional Fluency: Able to converse actively at high level of fluency B- Working Knowledge: Able to follow work-related discussions, use the telephone, and understand documents-grammar may be uncertain. C- Limited Knowledge: Able to understand simple conversations and written texts



Please, indicate your instructor´s name and email or a person to contact at your school

We sign an educational agreement with the school and exchange documentation to ensure you will gain academic credits
Medical Self Declaration Do you have any physical disability or condition which may need taking into consideration in the workplace? *

If “yes”, please give full particulars

Health Insurance: Company Name and Address

We will ask you a scanned copy of your card and the information about international coverage prior to your arrival
If the student does not have international insurance coverage, OLESAY will provide the student a medical, accident, civil liability and repatriation insurance. *

I authorize OLESAY to use my Personal Data in order to obtain it.  ($50 USD/month)
OLESAY Terms and Conditions Payment                                                                                                                                                 Fees can be paid by bank transfer or credit card and are to be paid following the next schedule: A $500 deposit is due once we confirm your participation (you will receive an email from us after reviewing your resume and Application form). The remaining balance of your program fee is due one month before the first day of the program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Cancellation Charges                                                                                                     If the student unilaterally cancels before the start of the program, the program fee will not be refunded. OLESAY SL management may decide to refund part, up to 50% of the program fee if the cancellation is made on valid grounds. If a client does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or exhibits undue behaviour (e.g. racism, verbal abuse of staff or other course participants, drug abuse, violations of the laws of the PRC, etc.), OLESAY SL reserves the right to cancel the student’s program with immediate effect. The program fees will not be reimbursed.

Passport and Visa                                  
It is each program participant's responsibility to comply with all regulations concerning passport validity and visa validity. Non-compliance with these regulations and any costs that might be incurred due to this are the participant's responsibility. Furthermore, it is the course participant's sole responsibility to obtain the required documents, such as visas, passports etc. However, OLESAY SL is always available for inquiries about issues concerning visas.For less than 90 days in Spain, a student visa is not required.

Insurance                                                                                                                                          OLESAY S.L., its representatives, staff, and any individual affiliated to its activity will not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury to persons or property of whatever cause. It is the client's responsibility to have personal insurance against all such risks, including inability to attend or continue a course and insurance for the payment of medical expenses. OLESAY SL cannot be held liable for any insurance claim whatsoever. Any lack of proper insurance is the sole responsibility of the participant.

Terms and Conditions

I certify that my answers to the above questions are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have read and understand the OLESAY Terms and Conditions.
Personal Data *

I AGREE that all the information I have given in this form is true and correct. I am also fully aware that I will have to report to OLESAY any future information, concerning this application, that could change, misrepresent or alter in any way, the data I am giving now. According to the article 5 of the organic law 15/1999, of December the 13th, Protection of Personal Data, OLESAY informs participants that the data that you have voluntarily given us through forms, via electronic mail or telephone will be incorporated to an automated file, managed by OLESAY in order to have the best coordination of the project.  OLESAY guarantees to the participants concerned whose data are object to treatment according to the abovementioned that has undertaken all the appropriate safety measures related to the data given and, besides, that all possible means and technical measures have been installed to avoid the loss, bad use, alteration, non authorized access or theft of the given data. The participant authorizes OLESAY to, in the extent of its activities, communicate his/her data to third parties in order to achieve the project objectives (e.g. send the participant’s cv to the host company/institution where the participant would like to do his/her internship) Participants concerned may, any time, exert their rights contemplated in the LOPD, to access, modify, cancel and oppose regarding those data. The execution of those rights may be carried out by the person concerned, by means of a written text sent to the following e-mail address: or to the following postal address:  Calle Alameda 22, 28014 Madrid-SPAIN, attaching photocopy of ID card of the concerned person.   The user may access his data and require, at any time, a copy of the data owned by OLESAY for its verification, modification or update. The user certifies that the information consigned in the registration form is true and complete. At the same time, the user accepts that he /she is the only responsible for keeping this information updated.
I AUTHORIZE OLESAY the use of my name and pictures to be used without payment in any brochures, communication, promotion or advertising, printed or digital version, for promotional purposes.
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